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Investment Services

A rare level of personal and dedicated service.

We are able to assist you with the management of your investments through the establishment and administration of special purpose vehicles (“SPVs”) for either specific investments or with a view to building a portfolio of investments as well as managing your investments through third party providers.

We hold and monitor many different types of investment and we are able to utilise the resources and expertise of proven portfolio and fund managers.

We work closely with local teams of regulated investment professionals who monitor the performance of leading fund managers.

For those clients who require investment services, a risk profile is prepared and a model portfolio of funds and other investments is created to suit that client’s individual requirements. A capital sum is then placed with the investment manager who applies funds in accordance with the model.

The performance of each fund manager used is monitored as well as the portfolio as a whole against suitable benchmarks. Adjustments to the portfolio are undertaken by the investment manager on a discretionary basis in order to maintain what he considers to be the optimum investment position.

Portfolio valuations and performance reports are regularly sent to the trustees and the results are reviewed. Where required, those results can then be reported to the client in their chosen format.