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Family Office

A rare level of personal and dedicated service.

The modern family office is a dynamic arrangement whereby the management of wealthy families’ affairs are centralized in a tax efficient and durable structure.  The family office will typically be responsible for, but not limited to, harnessing the following services to serve the family’s requirements:

· Property Management
· Fiduciary Services
· Risk management & Insurance
· Legal advice
· Tax Advice
· Philanthropy
· Treasury
· Reporting and accounting
· Investment services

Weighbridge can assist with the setup of a family office or take over from the current administrators where it may be that the family members wish to step back in terms of day to day administration but retain a seat on the board in order to keep a close eye on the management of affairs. We are also very well placed to examine any existing structures with our experienced team in order to advise clients on how to best optimize their affairs.