Weighbridge Trust

Founded in 1978, Weighbridge Trust Limited is an independent trust company based in Guernsey where it is regulated and licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

By being wholly independent we avoid any conflicts of interest when providing the best solutions to your requirements and are always happy to work with other professional parties to achieve the right result.

Throughout our history we have continually adapted to and evolved in line with market forces and regulatory change to ensure our clients interests are always protected. We understand that continuity and stability is vital in gaining and maintaining the trust of our clients and our whole ethos is about the long term and assisting our clients not only in the protection today and in the future of their assets and interests but also in their growth.

Our priority is and will continue to be the provision of discreet professional and dedicated staff maintaining the highest standards of a timely and confidential service. In all cases we provide a bespoke, independent, flexible and, importantly, personal service to our clients, tailored to their particular needs. One size does not fit all and we seek to ensure that the objectives of our clients remain at the heart of any services we provide.

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